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Mobility scooters provide new lease on life

Who could benefit from a mobility scooter? Anyone who struggles to walk or gets tired after walking a short distance.

Using an electric scooter is not an admission of defeat and can greatly enhance your quality of life. It can provide a new lease on life and a newfound independence. If you are thinking about getting a mobility scooter, it is probably time.

Using a mobility scooter can actually give you more energy because you don't have to use all of your energy up trying to walk. Using an electric scooter will help to relieve the strain on shoulder muscles and wrist and elbow joints that are used when pushing yourself in a self-propelled wheelchair. An electric scooter can help to provide you with the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want. Some models are capable of traveling up to 35 miles between charges, so the distance you can cover is much greater than in a traditional wheelchair.

A large number of stores (including supermarkets and discount stores) offer customers the use of a mobility scooter while shopping. If you are not sure if you would benefit from one, try it and see if it does indeed make your shopping easier.

Some shopping malls offer 'Shop mobility', which lends or hires mobility equipment based on the user's requirements, and then provides training on equipment use.

Using an electric scooter just might open many doors for you that have been previously closed, perhaps caused by a disability or illness. A whole new world is waiting to open up for you, such as going shopping, going out for the day, or just going for a "walk" with your children or grandchildren. You could go up and down steep hills in comfort and without fear of rolling down the hill, and without being worn out for days afterwards. You can visit friends and relatives at your convenience, without needing to rely on public transport. The possibilities are endless.

Visit with someone who has a scooter and find out what improvements it has brought into his or her life. Mobility scooters can mean the difference between managing to live at home independently, and having to rely on others.


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